Breast Enlargement Pills – Enhancing Your Breast The Natural Way

Normally women who have small breast are intimidated with those women who have fuller and firmer breast. Now you do not have to feel this way if you are one of those women who feel this way because the present science and technology can give you the right solution.

Today there are many upcoming methods for breast enhancement that can offer great solution for women who are in need of increasing their breast size. But among these methods breast enlargement pills are proven to be the most effective and safe to increase your breast. These pills are known to be made of natural ingredients from various herbs and natural ingredients that have the ability to increase your breast size.

Breast enlargement pills contain phytoestrogen, a non-hormonal plant estrogen. Normally women take these pills for 2 to 3 months and experience remarkable changes with their breast size. Most of those experts suggest the use of pills because they believe that they are safer and cheaper ways of increasing your breast size. They work effectively without the need of surgery in enhancing your breast size.

But you have to keep in mind that breast enlargement pills do not give you an instant result like any other method of enhancing your breast like the breast surgery. But these pills are becoming in demand and popular due to its no side effects and helps in the development of new breast tissues. These pills encourage the growth of estrogen and helps pump the breasts. If you are really desperate in increasing your breast size, then you may give it a try because having enough breast size can help you to spark your personality and give you an attractive physique.

Breast enlargement pills work effectively if you will combine it with proper diet and also by the assistance from your doctor. It is very important for every woman to have fuller and firmer breast in order to improve their look.

There are plenty of breast enlargement pills that are already available out in the market. If you wish to increase your breast through the help of these pills, then you have to make sure that you are buying the right pills that will work effectively. Yes it is true that pills are safe and effective in enhancing your breast but it is important to be careful when buying one. You have to make a research first before going out and buy the first pills that you will encounter.

Natural Breast Enlargement – Does It Really Work?

It’s not something I bring up in social gatherings. In fact, some of my closest friends don’t even know that I’ve written on book on natural breast enlargement.

It all started 27 years ago. I was taking my course in hypnotherapy when walking by one of the classrooms I noticed flashes of light. As I look quizzically at my instructor, he explained that in that particular room, women were taking their before pictures for their course in Breast Enlargement Through Hypnosis.

Does hypnotic breast enlargement work? Definitely YES!  Imagine changing your shape and size in just minutes a day with no special exercises, creams or pills. And the best news is that it’s all you.

Since then I have found several other methods of natural breast augmentation or enhancement. From healthy cocktails to ancient acupressure secrets, the information just keeps coming. There is even a few doctors that suck the fat out of where you don’t want it and put it where you do want it, i.e., your bustline. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I have someone telling me another remedy for  breast growth.

Just a couple of months ago I had a friend tell me the experience of having his wife have her breasts grow using a certain essential oil blend almost a full cup size in one month.  They had to put a warning on the label not to use on breasts due to breast growth!

The list goes on and on of both anecdotal and scientific methods of natural breast enlargement.  Although I’m just not sure how having two suction devices placed on your breasts could be called “natural.”

America is obsessed with large breasts. But bigger isn’t always better.  Have you ever seen the cute petite woman with obviously giant, implants?  You remember her bustline but for some reason you can’t remember the woman. 

As women, we want to look good and feel confident and that may include enhancing the bustline such as enlarging, improving the sag, balancing uneven breasts or maybe even reducing them. But first and foremost is breast health.  My motto is, “Be smart, be safe and be your own kind of beautiful.”

Dreaming – the Breast Cancer Vaccine

I have a dream. Well, I have many dreams, but this one is about an easy, almost painless means of ensuring that no woman ever has to face, fight or survive breast cancer again. A vaccine. Am I just dreaming? Maybe. Maybe not.

Mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) is a proven cause of breast cancer in field and experimental mice. MMTV was discovered way back in 1936. MMTV-like viral genetic material has been identified in human breast tumors, but it’s not known whether it actually causes tumor development. Research has uncovered a human mammary tumor virus, HMTV, which is 95-98% similar to the mouse virus (MMTV), so they are believed to be the same virus.

HMTV has been found in approximately 40 percent of all human breast cancer (bc) specimens examined, in 60 percent of pregnancy-associated bc’s, and in 71 percent of inflammatory bc’s. Women whose tumors show evidence of the virus have antibodies to it 95 percent of the time, whereas normal, healthy women have antibodies to the virus less than 5 percent of the time.

A research team, led by Vincent Tuohy, PhD, at Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute, have developed a vaccine that prevents breast cancer tumors from forming in mice, while inhibiting the growth of existing tumors. The vaccine contains the antigen a-lactalbumin. In the latest study, genetically cancer-prone mice were vaccinated – half with a vaccine containing the antigen and half with a vaccine that didn’t contain the antigen. None of the mice vaccinated with the antigen developed breast cancer, while all of the other mice did.

Unlike the FDA approved cervical cancer vaccine and liver cancer vaccines, both of which target viruses (human papillomavirus and Hepatitis B viruses), this mouse vaccine targets cancer formation itself. Tuohy explains that the key in developing a human breast cancer vaccine is therefore to find a target within the tumor that isn’t typically found in a healthy person. In the case of breast cancer, they are targeting a-lactalbumin, a protein found in the majority of breast cancers but not in healthy women, except during lactation. The vaccine is expected to stimulate a woman’s immune system to target a-lactalbumin, stopping tumor formation without damaging healthy breast tissue.

The hoped for strategy would be to vaccinate women over 40, when breast cancer risk begins to increase and pregnancy becomes less likely. The vaccine would also be an alternative option for younger women with a heightened risk of breast cancer, instead of prophylactic mastectomies.

While there is still controversy over just how many breast cancers contain a-lactalbumin, Tuohy is hopeful that his findings might lead to vaccines for other types of cancer, and so am I. His vaccine is ready to be tested for safety in humans, but guess what. Komen has turned him down for funding 3 times and Avon has refused to even consider it. Hmmmm…. Maybe Mr. Tuohy scared the queens of pinkwashing when he said, “”If it works in humans the way it works in mice, this will be monumental. We could eliminate breast cancer.”

I first heard about the possibility of one or more breast cancer viruses from Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, founder of The Breast Health and Healing Foundation. Talk About Health hosted a question/answer session with Dr. Ruddy, which is a great place to start if you’re interested in learning more about this topic.

Susan Beausang,